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 > Electro-Harmonix Pedals > Distortion / Overdrive / Fuzz / Boost > Electro Harmonix Big Muff PI with Tone Wicker Distortion Fuzz w/ 9 volt battery


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Electro Harmonix Big Muff PI with Tone Wicker Distortion Fuzz w/ 9 volt battery

Electro Harmonix Big Muff PI with Tone Wicker Distortion Fuzz w/ 9 volt battery Part Number: BM WICKER

The Big Muff Pi with Tone Wicker taps into the sonic power of the legendary Big Muff Pi, but creates new tonal possibilities at the flick of a switch -- or two. Use the Wicker switch to open up three high-frequency filters for raspy, sustaining distortion with top-end bite, or flick on the Tone switch to bypass the tone control for unabated tonal slam. Want the original Big Muff sound? Just switch off the Wicker and turn on the Tone. The ability to create your own personal Big Muff sound is what truly makes this the Wicked Wicker.

Quick Specs

- True bypass
- The Wicker switch opens up 3 high frequency filters providing a sustain that is raspy and defined
- The Tone switch completely removes the tone control, providing you with a devastating broadband Big Muff slam!
- With the Wicker switch off and the Tone switch on, you have the original Big Muff Pi
- 9 volt battery included
The BMPTW is a battery operated distortion pedal that maintains the legendary Big Muff Pi sound while offering two powerful and dynamic tonal adjustments that are unique to any distortion or fuzz product found in the market today. The original BIG MUFF PI sound is maintained while new tonal variations deliver edgy and aggressive sonic possibilities.


The BIG MUFF Pi with TONE WICKER is an effects pedal designed to deliver all of the sonic power of the legendary Big Muff Pi while providing user editing capabilities that are unique to the Tone Wicker design. Wicker mode opens up the high frequency bandwidth of your distortion sound delivering a top end that is new and exciting. The Tone switch, when set to OFF, defeats the Big Muff’s Tone knob yielding an extremely powerful distortion with a fire breathing new Big Muff Pi character.


Sustain knob - As in the original Big Muff Pi, adjusts the amount of sustain and distortion.

Tone Knob - The Tone knob allows the musician to dial in just the right setting between deep bass and high treble.

Volume Knob - The volume knob sets the overall output level of the effect.

Wicker Switch - Activate Wicker mode by flipping the Wicker switch up to the ON position where the high frequency bandwidth is opened up for a bright and clear top end. Set the Wicker switch to OFF to obtain the classic Big Muff Pi sound.

Tone Switch - The Tone switch allows the user to activate the Tone knob or to completely bypass the tone circuitry. When the Tone switch is set to ON, the Tone knob is active, just like a standard Big Muff. When the Tone switch is set to OFF, the Tone knob and all of its circuitry is bypassed. This setting yields a totally new Muff distortion with a powerful drive and uncolored gain. High output with attitude. Please Note: When the Tone switch is set to OFF, turning the Tone knob will produce no change to your sound. In addition, it is normal for the output volume of your Big Muff Pi with Tone Wicker to increase when moving the Tone switch from ON to OFF. Status LED - When the LED is lit; the BMPTW effect is active. When the LED is off, the BMPTW is in True Bypass mode. The Footswitch toggles between effect and bypass modes.

INPUT Jack - This 1/4” jack is the audio input to the BMPTW. The input impedance presented at this jack is 130 kO.

OUTPUT Jack - This 1/4” jack is the audio output from the BMPTW. When the BMPTW is in Bypass mode, the OUTPUT jack is connected directly to the INPUT jack.

9V Power Jack - The Big Muff with Tone Wicker is battery powered. You may use an external AC Adapter power supply instead of the battery. Connect the AC Adapter’s plug to the 9V Power Jack at the top of the BMPTW. The power jack’s polarity is center negative. The BMPTW requires a clean 9VDC power supply at 50mA. We recommend the Electro-Harmonix US96DC-200BI power supply.

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