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Electro Harmonix Holy Grail Max Reverb w/ AC Adapter - AUTHORIZED DEALER

Image 0 of Electro Harmonix Holy Grail Max Reverb w/ AC Adapter - AUTHORIZED DEALER

Electro Harmonix Holy Grail Max Reverb w/ AC Adapter - AUTHORIZED DEALER


Electro Harmonix Holy Grail Max Reverb w/ AC Adapter - AUTHORIZED DEALER Part Number: HOLYGRAILMAX

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The Holy Grail Max shares the Holy Grail’s remarkable Spring and Hall reverbs. Then we added a Plate reverb, with its wonderfully lush tone, and Reverse reverb for the sonically adventurous. The Max’s multi-function control lets you adjust decay or reverse time.

With the Holy Grail Max your quest for the perfect, portable reverb pedal is answered.

Quick Specs
- Spring, Hall, Plate and Reverse reverb
- 9.6DC-200 power supply included
- True bypass for maximum signal path integrity
- Compact, rugged die-cast chassis
- Dimensions in inches: 4.0 (w) x 4.75 (l) x 2.25 (h)


SPRING – Spring Reverb is a simulation of the spring reverb found in many classic guitar amps. In SPRING mode, the TIME knob controls both the size of the springs and the overall decay time. As you turn the TIME knob clockwise, the spring reverb gets bigger and longer.

HALL – is a simulation of the reverberations heard in large spaces such as a concert hall or cathedral. In HALL mode, the TIME knob controls the decay time of the reverb. As you turn TIME clockwise, the reverb time increases creating a larger reverberant space. Using the TIME control you can obtain reverb spaces ranging from a room to a large hall.

PLATE – is an emulation of a metal plate reverb commonly found in high end recording studios during the 1960’s and 70’s. The Plate reverb is a very smooth, tonally balanced sounding reverb that sounds great on many different instruments, especially vocals. Turn the TIME knob clockwise to increase the decay time of the PLATE reverb. When TIME is maxed, the PLATE reverb creates a very long reverb decay; holding each note for over 30 seconds.

REVERSE – Reverse Reverb is an emulation of the reverse reverb trick commonly performed in studios, where a note’s reverb fades-in, in reverse of course, before the note is actually struck. The HG Max works in real time and cannot create backwards reverb for a note before it is actually played so the REVERSE reverb in the HG Max will create reverse reverb after the note is sounded. The length of time between playing a note and hearing the reverse reverb completely fade-in is set by the TIME knob. The further you turn TIME clockwise, the longer the note will take to fade-in. For short TIME settings, the REVERSE mode can sound like a slap-back echo.


REVERB Switch Knob – Chooses the reverb mode. From left to right, the modes are SPRING, HALL, PLATE and REVERSE.

TIME Knob – Adjusts the decay time, or reverb length/size, for the SPRING, HALL and PLATE reverbs. In REVERSE mode, the TIME knob sets the length of time between striking a note and the reverb fade-in. While in PLATE mode, when TIME is set to its maximum position, the reverb decay is over 30 seconds creating a lush reverb wash with each new note.

BLEND Knob – Controls the wet/dry mix from 100% Dry (counter-clockwise position) to 100% Wet (clockwise position). As the BLEND knob is turned, the overall output volume remains nearly constant. Your Dry signal remains analog from input to output through the HG Max.