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Electro-Harmonix EHX Bass Preacher Compressor Sustainer for Bass Guitar

Image 0 of Electro-Harmonix EHX Bass Preacher Compressor Sustainer for Bass Guitar

Electro-Harmonix EHX Bass Preacher Compressor Sustainer for Bass Guitar


Electro-Harmonix EHX Bass Preacher Compressor Sustainer for Bass Guitar Part Number: BASS PREACHER


Bass guitars possess a huge dynamic range and produce powerful low frequencies. Designed for and by bassists, this compact compressor/sustainer features fully adjustable controls that can subtly transform the dynamic qualities of a bass guitar or take them to the extreme. From transparently leveling out notes so they sit in a track to creating an intensely squashed sound, the Bass Preacher helps spread the gospel of great bass tone!

Quick Specs
- Compact compressor designed especially for bass guitar
- Input sensitivity ranges from -10 dBu to +2 dBu making it a perfect fit for both passive and active basses of varying output levels
- Maximum gain reduction of 21 dB, with enough make-up gain to return your signal to full volume at maximum sustain (compression)
- Attack toggle switch changes the timing of the onset of compression and provides three selectable settings: Fast, Medium and Slow
- True bypass for maximum signal path integrity when in bypass mode
- Tough, compact die-cast package
- 9-Volt battery included
- Optional EHX9.6DC-200mA power supply available
- Dimensions in inches: 2.75 (w) x 4.5 (l) x 2.1 (h)


Use the footswitch to turn on the effect. A red status LED illuminates to indicate that the effect is engaged. Adjust the SUSTAIN knob for the desired amount of compression. Adjust the VOL knob to cut, match, or boost the outgoing signal in relation to the incoming signal. Select FAST, MED, or SLOW with the ATTACK toggle switch to change the timing of the onset of compression. With ATTACK in FAST mode, the compression engages immediately upon playing a note, producing a more squashed sound. In SLOW mode the compression engages more slowly, allowing more initial transients to come through. The MED mode is a compromise between the two attack envelopes.


-CONTROLS & I/O Jacks -

Footswitch & Status LED – When the effect is engaged this red LED will illuminate. When power is applied, the Status LED glows brightly to signal that all operational voltages are satisfactory. The LED will not light if the Bass Preacher is bypassed. Press the footswitch to toggle between effect on and true bypass mode.

VOL Knob – Use VOL to adjust the amount of makeup gain.

SUSTAIN Knob – Turn SUSTAIN to set the amount of compression.

ATTACK Switch – Toggle ATTACK to set the timing of the attack/decay curve.

INPUT Jack – Plug your instrument or the output of another effects pedal into this ¼” jack. The input impedance is 450k Ohm.

AMP Jack – The AMP jack outputs the Bass Preacher’s audio signal. The output impedance ranges from 150 Ohm to 2.8k Ohm.

9V Power Jack – The Bass Preacher accepts 9V Batteries, and can also be powered from an Electro-Harmonix 9.6DC-200 power supply. Plug the output of the AC adapter into the 9V power jack located at the top of the Bass Preacher. The Bass Preacher draws 33mA at 9VDC with a center negative plug. The Bass Preacher accepts Boss® and Ibanez® style AC Adapters capable of delivering at least 50 mA.