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WESTMINSTER EFFECTS Calvin Compressor Pedal

Image 0 of WESTMINSTER EFFECTS Calvin Compressor Pedal

WESTMINSTER EFFECTS Calvin Compressor Pedal


WESTMINSTER EFFECTS Calvin Compressor Pedal - Part Number WE-CC


There is no pedal in the world not meant to bring us good tone. The Calvin Compressor is a great start to your chain, now with ultimate tweakability with five knobs and a voicing switch to attenuate treble frequencies, making it even usable on bass. Also features soft touch relay bypass.

  • Power requirements: 9V DC center negative, 47mA
  • Measurements: 4.4" x 2.3" x 1"


Level - Controls the output volume. Ratio - Controls the amount of compression. Threshold - How loud the signal has to be before compression is applied. Interacts with the Release control. Attack - How quickly the compressor starts to work. Voice - Tames the treble frequencies. Flip to the left for brighter and right to make your tone darker.


9V DC Center Negative - Using anything else will ruin your pedal and VOID THE WARRANTY. Consumes 47mA.


All Westminister Effects carry a limited lifetime warranty for pedals sold within the United States and a one-year warranty for pedals sold internationally, for workmanship and components. The warranty does not cover misuse or damage due to accidents. Tampering with components such as trimpots voids the warranty.